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Virtual Stack

Mar 25, 2022

On the 42th episode of Virtual Stack Podcast, I'm joined by Gil Hoffer (co-founder & CTO at Salto) and we discuss about their solution of automating the configuration of SaaS applications, which they describe as company-as-code.
Can we manage and operate our business applications the same way as our CI/CD pipelines and IT infrastructure? Answers are on this episode.
Show notes:
  • Intros: 00:00
  • What's Salto? 01:30
  • What can be automated by Salto on some typical applications? 06:00
  • How do you make sure Salto works with many SaaS applications and keep up with their changes? 14:00
  • What made you design an automation language instead of using something like YAML or XML? 17:15
  • What types of companies benefit from the company-as-code approach? 19:55
  • Who are the main buyers? What business benefits do they get? 22:10
  • What are the main obstacles that organisations encounter when adopting company-as-code? 26:10
  • How can customers test the solution? 32:30
  • Closing notes: 34:30