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Virtual Stack

Dec 19, 2019

Analytics in the data centre can be challenge since many solutions tend to send extensive packet data and telemetry to disparate centralised engines, which can increase cost and complexity. NSX Intelligence is a new solution that has been announced with NSX-T 2.5 and it’s designed to remediate this challenge. It is a distributed analytics engine that provides detailed application topology visualisation, automated security policy recommendations, continuous monitoring of every flow, and an audit trail of security policies.

On the 28th episode of Virtual Stack Podcast, I’m joined by Dumlu Timuralp (NSX Lead Solution Engineer at VMware) and we talk about the new features announced on NSX-T 2.5, especially NSX Intelligence. You can reach out to Dumlu via LinkedIn and Twitter, and follow his work via Medium and Github.

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Show Notes:

  • 02:30 Intro
  • 04:30 NSX Intelligence
  • 20:45 New Security features on NSX-T 2.5
  • 28:45 NSX Cloud enhancements
  • 35:00 Closing notes